Following a refresh rate for its 2018 model year, the Ford Mustang moves the 2019 version year using a brand new Bullitt version. Arriving around 50 years following the film Bullitt which featured a now-classic automobile chase using a Mustang, the 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt has got 475 horsepower by a V-8 engine.  Ford is focusing on a brand new Shelby GT500! Back in January the automaker verified this cherished nameplate would reunite for the many powerful Mustang in history, a 700-plus-hp creature. Official details about the coming GT500 are slim, but we have got a good idea about what to anticipate.

Ford says that the Shelby GT500 will arrive this past year, and now we anticipate a launching in January at the Detroit Car Show. That means it will probably talk about the point in Detroit with a different long-awaited resurrection, the 2020 Ford Bronco. A 2019 introduction often suggests that a vehicle will probably likely be a 2020 model-year, however, as we have reported previously, Ford’s VIN decoder suggests the 2019 Mustang is going to be sold using a supercharged V8. That usually means the GT500 might well be 2019, which piece of information brings us into the next part.

2019 Ford Mustang

2019 Ford Mustang

The GT500 is Ford’s response to this 650-hp Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 along with also the 707-hp Dodge Challenger Hellcat, therefore everybody is calling it will find a potent V8. Even a twin-turbo V8 was supposed as a chance, however a supercharged mill such as the previous GT500 appears much more inclined. Our colleagues at Driver and Vehicle believe the GT500 will find a 5.2-liter V8 like the flat-plane unit employed from the GT350, but using a classic cross-plane crankshaft. The Instagram picture you see above reveals a supercharger home using a Shelby emblem and the amount 5.2 stamped onto it, which might confirm at least a portion of Car and Driver’s speculation. The Truth About Cars also printed pictures of some wiring diagram demonstrating that a Mustang V8 having a significant supercharger at the top. Motor Trend got an image of a Shelby GT350 using a lookup engine, asserting that what is revealed is a GT500 model, but that is unconfirmed. This might be a model for a factory supercharger kit to your Shelby GT350, maybe not always a GT500.

It May Be a 200-MPH Vehicle

As we have previously mentioned, the GT500 may be beneficial for a strong 200 mph. The Truth About Cars found information regarding the speedometer verification process for the GT500 which appears to signify this Mustang’s remarkable top-speed capacities. Those files from TTAC additionally demonstrate the GT500 will find a couple bespoke driving manners–such as Weather, Launch Control, and Drag Strip–which carbon-ceramic brake pads may be an alternative.

There Could Be 2 Transmission Options

Car and Driver accounts that the GT500 will probably have two transmission options, a six-speed guide or a fresh 10-speed automobile co-developed involving Ford and GM. These wiring diagrams out of TTAC reveal the GT500’s supercharged V8 using a flex plate rather than a flywheel, signaling automatic accessibility. Ford is currently utilizing its 10-speed gearbox from the 2018 F-150 and Mustang, and unsurprisingly, it’s also available from the GT500’s most apparent competition, the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1. The guide appears to be a certain, however. Autoblog has spy photographs of a GT500 model sporting a six-speed guide, which will certainly excite fans. The Camaro ZL1 and Challenger Hellcat offer guides, thus we’d be amazed to watch Ford go auto-only together with the GT500.

It May Look Just Like The Pre-Facelift Mustang

The Mustang has been face-lifted for 2018, but the Shelby GT350’s appearances were also unchanged. Dependent on the teaser picture near the peak of this article, along with other spy shots we have seen, it resembles the GT500 will seem more like the GT350 compared to other Mutangs. Just have a look at the old-style headlights from the teaser.

Ford Is Benchmarking It Intense Competition

Ford is analyzing the GT500 against a stiff competition also. Motor Trend seen a GT500 testing in Arizona using a Camaro ZL1, that sounds like an obvious goal. In the end, the previous-gen Mustang GT500 and also Camaro ZL1, equally supercharged brutes, squared off back in 2012. A less clear competitor for your GT500 is that the Porsche 911 GT3, however reluctantly, includes photographs of Ford benchmarking one close to its Michigan headquarters. This does not indicate that Ford is attempting to construct a more GT3-rival though. Automakers frequently benchmark different cars simply to examine just one or two specific components.

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