The sofa is one of the largest furniture in the room. The shelves, for example, have been replaced by the racks, they are much smaller in size and allow even more free space in the room, prevent the accumulation of objects and do not occupy the entire wall. However, it is impossible to reduce the size of the sofas in such a way, they are essential for the comfort of both the people who live in the house and the visitors. The key is to bet on the right models, colors, and measures.

How to choose a sofa to a small room?

Here are 5 tips for choosing the right model for small living room sofa :

Know the measurements of your room

Before buying the sofa or starting to search for models, it is crucial to know the size of each wall, to find out, just use a tape and position from corner to corner throughout the base of the room.

Bright colors

The dark colored sofa can make the impression that space is much smaller than it really is. Bet on colors such as beige and gray, and flee from the black, brown, red and moss green. The cushions can also not be so dark unless they are decorated with some kind of pattern that softens the color.

Armless sofa

The ideal model for a small room is the sofa without the arms on the sides. The arms of a sofa can occupy up to thirty centimeters of the space available in the room, when opting for the sofas without arms this free measure can be used to increase the spacing between the furniture and thus ensure that the room is wider.

Sofa size

To choose the size of the sofa you need to consider the width of each wall if the largest between them is less than 2.5 meters the sofa should be two places. If the largest wall of the room is more than 2.6 meters the sofa can be three places. The tip for who needs to put a two-seater couch, but lives with more than one person, is to invest in small armchairs or cushioned stools.

Positioning the sofa

In small rooms each space is precious, the correct thing is that the sofa stays positioned next to one of the walls, except if there is no room in the room and the sofa that delimits the space in the place, in this case, there must be at least 70 cm free in around the furniture so as not to hinder circulation in the environment. In order not to risk making mistakes, also make sure the TV is at least 1.10 meters away from the sofa. source:

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