benefits of cctvCCTV (Closed Circuit Televison) is the use of video cameras to transmit video signals to specific places, within multiple sets of monitors.

Unlike television broadcasts, CCTV signals are not openly transmitted.

CCTV systems typically consist of fixed (dedicated) communication between the camera and the monitor.

Modern CCTV technology consists of connected systems with movable cameras (rotated, bended, and zoomed), operable remotely via control room, and can be connected to a network either LAN, wireless-LAN or internet.

CCTV cameras have been originally designed for security surveillance purposes to anticipate crime actions, theft of robberies, and many other things related to crime and undesirable activities.

Current technological advances make this camera not only to monitor directly through the monitor, but already equipped with CCTV camera recorder system using Hard disk storage media.

This system is known as DVR (Digital Video Recorder) This equipment is a complement to a CCTV camera installation system, with this DVR surveillance can be done without monitoring every time in front of the monitor screen, because every second of all events recorded and can be replayed.

The current era of global competition, the growing population and the rapid growth of business trade, the crime has increased, therefore effective and efficient oversight must be done.

CCTV solution is an appropriate, effective and efficient infrastructure proved reliable and useful, therefore the use of CCTV is one of the complementary security systems for the improvement of performance and corporate image, because with the existence of CCTV customer confidence in the quality of production and security of goods can be guaranteed.

It is very difficult and not easy to oversee business and security operations such as very large, separate factories located far away in large areas, while surveillance should be done at any time and quickly.

The above problem is now solved and many are using cctv as a solution, since supervision does not have to travel around large and old areas, a leader or entrepreneur can supervise directly from his desk in a moment at the same time for various factory locations,

In front of the cctv monitor screen you just click on which area you want to supervise without milling the factory, obviously efficient, and the boss no longer gets engineering / inaccurate supervisory reports from his staff, In a very dangerous area (explosive area, poisonous gas and anything else that can endanger health and safety) can already be monitored directly without having to face the receipt

Supervision of product quality, production, company asset, employee activity, behavior, work productivity can always be supervised, clear the risk of kompalain will decrease, quality of production is better, employee performance and business performance increase.

Some of the benefits of CCTV

To anticipate crime actions, theft, robbery, and many others in connection with crime and undesirable activities.

Supervision of company assets as well as production and supervision of production activities, and supervision of security.

Can be an archive of daily business activities because the results can be recorded on the DVR / video recording medium.

Authentic evidence when things go wrong. Butki can be played back on the computer and DVR.

Employee achievement and security supervisory system / security guard increases, because they feel supervised even though the leader is not in place.

Effective, efficient for entrepreneurs because it can directly supervise production activities in many production sites as well as in one screen monitor.

Can view and monitor the location even in a lightless state using the Infra red camera.

Can monitor a place without knowing the existence of the camera by using a hidden camera or hidden camera.

And many more benefits that we can get with this CCTV installation. Not only improve security but also facilitate monitoring.

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