2019 Jeep Cherokee

Six years following the contentious, squinty redesign of this Jeep Cherokee, the most prosperous midsize Jeep is becoming an outside makeover. Jeep published a couple of pictures of this 2019 Jeep Cherokee before its Detroit car show introduction, and lo and behold, the eccentric stacked-headlight design is now gone. In its place is a much… Read More

2019 Acura MDX A-Spec debuts at 2018 New York auto show

More aggressive styling is apparently the order of their day. Many automakers are employing an excess dose of pumped-up athletic pretenses. The most recent machine to get this treatment? The new 2019 Acura MDX A-Spec, which was unveiled on Wednesday at the 2018 New York car show and is expected in showrooms in the summer.… Read More

Framed Collection Review

When it first released in 2014, Framed was announced game of this year by no less than Hideo Kojima. In the years since, this has become the game’s enduring legacy–it’s not simply a fantastic game, but one which inspired an industry heavyweight with its inventiveness. It is a fundamentally robust, distinctive idea executed well. Framed… Read More