Dorsalgia syndrome in which there is a specific gravity in the neck. Also, this pathology is characterized by painful tension and discomfort in the neck muscle. Cervicalgia – a condition that can cause mobility restrictions throughout the cervical spine, dizziness, blurred vision, autonomic dysfunction. Symptoms Pain in the neck may be subject to tingling, throbbing, and shooting of the character. There is growing pain from slight movement (coughing, physical exertion). These pathologies manifested conditions such as: numbness in the hands or back of the head, tinnitus, and pain, in the neck, inability to tilt and rotate heads.


Features this state as cervicalgia – is the irradiation of pain. Painful discomfort spreads along the nerve fibers and goes to the shoulder joint and upper limb. By the vertebrate nerve pain branch may spread to the temporal, parietal and occipital regions of the spine can be observed changes in statics and dynamics. In most cases, pain is the result of things like: emotional or physical stress, pinched nerves, awkward position of the body for a long time, herniated disc, cervical spine injury, hypothermia Infection, spinal tumor tissue. If the pain in the shoulder, neck, back of the head is concerned for a long time, it is a chronic cervicalgia. In this case, can develop cervical spondylosis or osteochondrosis.

To diagnose this condition, you should perform a competent analysis of the clinical manifestations of pain. Special attention should be given to the condition where there is pain: after sleep, cold exposure, uncomfortable position of the body, carrying heavy loads, etc. The diagnosis is done by X-ray of the cervical spine, MRI, CT, panmielografii, electroneurogram, EMG.

Cervicalgia – is a pathology that requires above all conservative treatment. To do this, use the following methods: analgesia using nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents, to relieve muscle tension using anesthetic injections, gymnastics, physiotherapy: wrapping, mud bath, massage, using a special orthopedic pillow. Surgery is required only in extreme cases: acute spinal injury, severe pain, muscle weakness.

To prevent cervicalgia is necessary to ensure good mobility of the spine and muscle load is feasible. Can be swimming, regular physical exercise, massage. Also avoid hypothermia (outerwear season, in a room with windows open in the car) and injury. Work in a sitting position, take a comfortable position and take breaks periodically. Sleeps choose a low and comfortable cushion.

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