How to clean electric razor? As we know, electric razor is really convenient. You will find the incredible work by using this grooming tool. Using electric razor will cut your shaving time as well. If you use old shaver, you will need 15 minutes to clean out your skin hair. Then, you will only need about 3 minutes to finish shaving by using electric razor.

As other items, electric razor will also need good maintenance. That’s why you have to know how to clean electric razor. So, you can use it longer because of right maintenance. For your information, actually electric razor will need more maintenance in order to make it perform perfectly. You will need different cleaning process unlike the old razor. Well, if you want to know about electric razor maintenance, keep reading below! This article is going to discuss how to clean electric razor.

How to clean electric razor

How to Clean Electric Razor : Disassembling the Shaver

First of all, you need to know how to disassemble the shaver. For doing it, you have to hold the trimmer over the sink. When you are going to shave your skin hair, of course you will not do it on the floor. Before starting it, you have to clean the electric razor over the sink. It will allow you to get rid the fallen hairs easily. So, your skin will need bit of water. Well, this is the first step of how to clean electric razor.

How to Clean Electric Razor : Unplugging and Turning off the Shaver

Next, you will learn how to turn off and unplug the shaver. As we know, some shavers are completed by an on/ off button. Meanwhile other products have special button that should be depressed if you want to activate its blades.

Then, you have to ensure that there is no electric running through the trimmer before you start shaving. It will be dangerous if water falls into the shaver. You can get electrocution and your shaver will be damaged. Don’t forget to remove the battery if you want to clean the electric shaver. So, this is the second tips how to clean electric razor.

Snapping the Head Off of the Trimmer

For your information, most of shaver product is completed by snap off head. There will be the small clip that can be found at the head bottom. You only need to press it by using your finger. Then, it will be removed easily. So, before cleaning it, you have to remove the small clips on it.

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