development facebookFacebook is one application or social network which is currently still occupy the first position as a social media with the most users in the world beat all similar applications. This application has a large mark located in the territory or part of the state of California, United States and where it has been established since February 4, 2004. In addition, there is one name that is always associated with the existence of the application is also a prima donna, Mark Zuckerberg which is nothing no is not the owner of the application and Development of Facebook has grown till now.

In addition, Facebook over time always presents some things that can seize the attention of all people around the world. Because, the application is known to help you to facilitate as well as connecting between one person to another. Where, Development of Facebook at this time has been providing services as well as facilities in the form capable to enter almost from 140 languages from all countries in the world. Not only that, recorded until mid-2017 Facebook has managed to prove its existence by pocketing the number of users as much as 2 billion more after its development. No wonder, if they managed to occupy the first position beat other applications.

Then, at this time one of the Development of Facebook who managed to be the talk of everyone is from seeing the age of its users. Because, the application is known not only known by the age of teenagers, but the children and advanced very familiar even become active users of the Facebook. In addition, not only certain characters are allowed to use this application, because the public already many who use it with the number of friends and followers is quite surprising. Every day, Facebook always provides something that is optimal for the satisfaction of all users to always be the first social media interest by all world audiences.

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