Optimizing Android

There are some very basic (but fundamental) tips to increase the life of your Android, which can be done manually or automated (through applications). The TechTudo site has prepared a complete post on these optimization tips to be done manually.

1. KK Cleaner

KK Cleaner is part of KK Launcher, a very good launcher for Android that can be installed separately. It is a package of tools for RAM cleaning, application cache cleaning, application management and privacy control in applications, among them I highlight cleaning the application cache: with only 1 click you select which applications you want to optimize and performs cleaning.


2. Android Booster (NQ Booster)

This is undoubtedly the most important application for optimizing your Android. It comes with two basic features that are memory cleaning and battery management. But of all the Apps I’ve tested this one really delivers on what it promises regarding memory cleanup.


4. Swapper for Root

This is an application only for “root” devices.

For who does not know Android uses a Linux kernel, and like any good old Linux-based operating system, the use of a swap area is essential. Swapper for Root creates a swap area on your device (which can be an internal memory or SD card), the size you specify.



If you follow these tips it will surely increase the life of your device, however, t is obvious that a day will come that will be unavoidable to change it for a newer one. But until then you can still enjoy your Android very well 😉

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