Keter 17182239 folding work table is another folding work table by Keter that offers its owner with both versatility and practicality, thus, this folding work table is recommended. Perhaps, you will say that you don’t need this work table as you can make it yourself, sure, you can do that way, but, are you sure that DIY work station caters you with comfort while you do the project? Sometimes, you do the project not only inside your garage, but backyard or some other places, and relying on your old technology work table will be inconvenient, but it will be a lot of different when you utilize this one.

Keter 17182239 Folding Work Table


No worry, outside or inside, light to heavy duty project, keter 17182239 folding work table is the right solution for you. Its size, when you fold it, for instance, it its only about 4” width which make this folding workbench easily to move and won’t take so much space in your garage or whenever your store it. However, once it is opened, its table top will space up about 21.65”. The extra space below its table top, you can use it as storage solution to store your tools when doing your project.


To assemble it into a complete work table, it doesn’t require so much effort, you’ll understand once you buy and set it yourself. If you asking about how much burden this folding work table can handle, then, it is more than 1,000lbs. Another good thing? Two clamps that become the feature of keter 17182239 folding work table, allow you to execute the your project, either vertically or horizontally. All in all, this is the best medium for you to do any kind of wooding project like cutting, staining, or some. Though, if you place it on a bumpy surface it’s a bit shaky, nevertheless, it won’t disturb your work that much.

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