The release of gas from the body like farts and belching is quite embarrassing if it happens too often. In fact, the exhaust gas too often can give a lot of sense about your body. It turns out that fart or sulfur burps is one way the body to send hints that there is something problematic on the organs of the body. Here are some ‘signals’ from the body that are related to the exhaust gas.

sulfur burps

Too many bacteria, if eating too many fermented foods will be harmful to health because many contain bacteria. Excessive bacterial growth in the intestines can lead the body to store a lot of gas. In addition, the accumulating gas also causes flatulence. The types of foods that cause bloating and gas in the intestine are fruits such as avocados, cherries, plums, then nuts and wheat and garlic. Instead, immediately avoid the food to help reduce gas production in the gut. Eat too fast, if eating at a fairly fast time or even eating while chatting can allow to swallow too much air. Excessive air can create a lot of gas production in the body. A lot of air will increase the proportion of the stomach so that the body will react to immediately remove it.

Belching has more to do with swallowing too much air. Food sources contain milk, the body system will reduce the amount of lactate enzyme to try to digest food in dairy products. If you consume cheese and milk in large quantities, it could be the possibility of creating a lot of gas production. Instead, reduce the consumption of food sources derived from milk to make the stomach feel more comfortable.

Hormonal changes, when menopause or are in a condition where the body begins to lose a lot of hormones, that is where gas is formed in the body. It is not yet clear how hormones affect the body’s gas production, but most women will feel too much gas in the stomach when hormonal changes occur. It is recommended to exercise more often so that the stomach condition feels more comfortable when the hormone changes occur.

Constipation, when the stomach starts to feel annoying and even tend to be painful, it can make the discharge of gas through the fart that is quite often. The source of stomach upset is because of the condition of constipation that some people often experience. It is recommended to drink more water, exercise enough and eat from a sufficient source of fiber.

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