Revere Pewter Color Palette

Experimenting with color can not only be done on painting only. The house wall is also a large canvas that you can use to experiment with color. Using the revere pewter color palette will allow you to combine several colors. The guide you can follow as a base to choose the color that would be… Read More

Makeup Ideas for Blue Eyes

Makeup ideas for blue eyes actually no need to be worry about as if there are lot of tutorial you can try to apply into your own face. Well, it possibly need sort kind of color, which is suitable the most with your skin tone, also both with the eyes color, so there will be… Read More

Optimizing Android There are some very basic (but fundamental) tips to increase the life of your Android, which can be done manually or automated (through applications). The TechTudo site has prepared a complete post on these optimization tips to be done manually. 1. KK Cleaner KK Cleaner is part of KK Launcher, a very good… Read More