The pain felt in the abdominal areaor floating ribs bone, including the upper right abdominal quadrant, may be caused by the internal organs, abdominal or abdominal wall structures called peritoneum parietal.When the pain comes suddenly, the pain in the upper right abdomen or right floating ribscan be an indication of a serious health problem that causes it.Many conditions cause pain in the upper right abdomen, and among them may be symptoms of conditions such as acute cholecystitis, typhoid fever symptoms or common symptoms of possible deabetic ketoacidosis.

floating ribs

Acute cholecystitis can cause pain in the upper right abdomen or right floating ribs, below the bottom of the rib cage.According to MedlinePlus, acute cholecystitis is a condition where sudden inflammation of the gallbladder is characterized by severe abdominal pain. Most cases of acute cholecystitis, about 90 percent, are caused by gallstones trapped in bile on an important digestive portion, in the gallbladder.Other possible causes of acute cholecystitis include gall bladder tumors and serious illness.Common signs and symptoms associated with acute cholecystitis include sharpened pain or cramps that fade in the upper right abdomen quadrant, satiety in the stomach, clay-colored feces, fever nausea, vomiting and the onset of jaundice, ie yellowing of skin and whites of eyes.MedlinePlus also states that cholecystitis or gallstone disease will be more common in women than men.

Typhoid fever is also accompanied by symptoms that cause the pain on the right side of the abdomen or right floating ribs, below the bottom of the rib cage. states that this typhoid fever is caused by an infection of type Salmonella typhi bacteria.Although cases of typhoid fever are rare in industrialized or developed countries, it is not also in developing countries where this fever is still a significant health threat in many developing countries.Typhoid fever may spread in one or two possible ways, either through contaminated food or water or through direct contact with an infected individual. Symptoms associated with typhoid fever will tend to develop gradually. Common signs and symptoms of typhoid fever include abdominal pain, fever up to 39 C to 40 C, headache, weakness and fatigue, sore throat, diarrhea or the appearance of constipation and the appearance of a rash.

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