acer ultrawide monitorUltrawide monitors, especially the ones with a curved panel, are perfect for gaming. That’s why almost any hardcore gamer would love to have one even though the prices of these monitors are quite expensive. Surprisingly, Acer, a company that’s not famous for monitors or computer parts in general, manufactures several models. One of them is the Predator X34. It doesn’t take much time to realize that this ultrawide 34-inch IPS monitor is built specifically for gaming. The outer appearance of this curved monitor is similar to gaming laptops and most gaming gears, with a futuristic look, cool black color, and a cool Predator logo. The looks of this product are totally different from most other Acer products. Many people are surprised to know that this cool monitor is actually from Acer.

The Predator X34 is not the only model in the series. There are also other models such as the Predator Z35, Predator Xb1, Predator XB1, Predator Z1, and Predator XB2. They all look similar in terms of design. But their sizes are different, with Predator XB2 being the smallest, at 24.5-inch diagonal. In terms of technology, there are a few differences between these models. The more expensive ones are of course more advanced compared to the cheaper models. The Acer ultrawide monitor Predator XB2, which is the cheapest model in this product range, is being sold at around $378.00. This price is slightly higher to products from competitors with similar specifications but still affordable. While the most expensive model, the Predator X34, is being sold at a little under $1150.00. So compared to Asus ROG PG348Q which have similar specifications, the Predator X34 is a bit cheaper.

It seems that the competition is tight between Acer and Asus. The flagship models of these companies, the X34 from Acer and ROG PG348Q from Asus, have similar sizes, technologies, and features. Both of these gaming monitors, for example, are equipped with NVIDIA G-SYNC that minimizes stuttering and eliminates screen tearing.

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