Toy Baby Dolls

Toy baby dolls that look real are maybe creepy for some of you, but there are also a lot of people who love real baby doll. It is also known as reborn doll. It is a baby-shaped doll that was made completely similar to real human babies. Even there are some baby doll that have features so the doll can breathe or have heartbeat, pretty much everything that make the doll as real as possible. Here is what you need to know about the toys. But if you want information about full body silicone baby, please click

Why people love it

A lot of people love baby dolls that look real because it is very similar to human babies. They often treat them as delicate as they treat their own kids. That is why there are a lot of therapies using this kind of doll. Logically, the therapy is applied to those who suffer after losing their babies and mourn it every single time. By using real baby dolls, somehow, the patient will experience less suffering after the tragedy. Aside from that, the doll itself is pretty good to be put as a decoration inside your house. It might scare people off, but just tell them that it is not real and you can play with it as much as you can. Another reason why people love real baby dolls is because it can fill the void where they can’t bear child at all. With real baby doll, they will experience true meaning of treating baby and much more.

Why people hate it

It can’t be avoided that some people don’t like real baby dolls or reborn dolls. Although it is true that it can fill the emptiness of woman after losing her child, things can get worse when she is bored with the babies. The next thing to be happen is that she will buy another reborn doll, which is not cheap. Dressing and parenting her new doll, the woman will do the same routine over and over but with different dolls. That kind of behavior is weird to people outside her surroundings. She will be seen as a negative person with bad behavior, because she always changes her reborn dolls over and over.

Reborn doll is a good thing to have for those who suffer after losing child, whether it is miscarriage or other accident. Although it can soothe women, there is possibility that you will be addicted to it. You will spend a lot of money into it and forget other important things. Make sure that you use toy baby dolls that look real as long as you need and don’t overdo it.

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