Tripod Stand Lamp Electronics ProjectsIn any decorations of house, people often use their own electronics projects like floor lamp as the support of the decoration at several corners of rooms. As they build the lamp by themselves, they can decide the design as they want. Even you can find a unique floor lamp made of an unused camera tripod. The conventional use, people usually use one base. However, alongwithnew innovations that are created by people, the base usageis also increasingly used.

 The main material for making the electronics projects is from an unused camera tripod. It can come from any size, since a tripod usually has adjustable height, making it flexible to be a stand for lamp. Each of the tripod materials has weakness and advantage. For instance, aluminum can give a minimalist characteristic, but it is not as strong as carbon materials. Yet it is not simple to give treatment for this material instead of the other and it is also quite difficult to find the quality material. Well, the material of the tripod is not a matter. Other thing you may need is something to be the lamp cap. You can make it by yourself. The use of the lamp may also be practical for it is able to be moved, if people want to change the position of the lamp at any rooms. The use ofscrewson eachparts of footenables thetripod to be folded, ifitwants tobe changed as needed. Then, because the base has three foots, the floor lamp can be steady for standing.

As the part of innovation, the use of electronics projects some how becomes one choice besides the other base. However, the characteristic of using the base depends on people’s desire. Each people have his or her own valuation about it. By using the model of the base on floor lamp, people also want to have a total convenience to use it in their home.

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